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A few nights before GTA V, one of the best games ever, was released I read about an ironic social network Rockstar Games were about to launch called lifeinvader. I liked the idea pretty much and was curious how the creators of the game were mocking our home 2.0. So I launched my web browser, typed www.liveinvader.com and saw…nothing. Like you I mistyped the the address but considered myself not only a very clever, but also a pretty nice guy.

I had some domain names left and reserved liveinvader.com (yeah…I still hadn’t noticed my mistake. But I copied and pasted the wrong address…I mean…just in my defence) – not to sell it at an incredibly high price to rockstar, just to give it to them if they really were about to start lifeinvader (I registered there in the same night).

Right after I clicked the final order button I realised something was wrong – so I had this address and finally I was at least happy it didn’t go to those annoying domain grabbers that offer you a free PS4 or XBox One because you, what a coincidence, are the billionth visitor of their website in the past seventeen minutes and just by leaving all your personal data you could claim your prize.

Thanks for your time and actually reading this. It’s been a pleasure having you here, please click this link to continue to the lifeinvader.com-website. Whoa, in case you really won a PS4 and for whatever reason don’t need it anymore…or if you just want to say hello…or if you are rockstar games and are grumpy ’cause I run this domain and want it for yourself…please fill out the form below!

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