Hello there, stranger!

Isn’t that what makes the internet frustrating…you want to visit GTA V’s lifeinvader homepage and instead, just because you mistyped the name of GTAs social network, you’ll get redirected to some advertising page claiming you were the 1,000,000,000th visitor and obliged to get a free XBox One or PS4 and just by leaving all your personal data you would get it. Yeah, right.

As I really hate this abuse of typos it’s been a pleasure to save this domain. And just as you are here you do have a random virtual meeting with a real member of lifeinvader on just another virtual space. This is so…future.

It’s been a pleasure having you here, please click this link to continue to the lifeinvader.com-website. Whoa, and if you really won an XBox One or PS4 and for some reason don’t need it anymore, or if you have just one of these consoles left and want to give it to me, maybe for no reason at all, or for having saved the GTA-community from being annoyed by domain-grabbing-websites the game makes actually fun of, or if you really are rockstar games and want this domain in exchange…or if you just want to say hello…you’re very welcome to fill out the form below (“abschicken” is German for “send”. Now you’ve even learned something).